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Academic Session: Third Term, 2022/2023

Our School Life


  • Sometimes it may be hard, annoying and awkward. But admit it; you're going to miss it when the term ends. It's full of fun and excitement all through the term.

As a dedicated school we have a specific mission that goes beyond providing an outstanding education.


Our school life is like ”wow! and amazing”. Our school environment provides a home away from home. Our house parents and teachers are amiable professionals who serves as parents away from biological parents. They provide not just the emotional support but also the academic support needed by the students to achieve all round excellence. Our school life is fun-filled with lots of activities (Sports, Curricular and Extra-curricular) which makes the students study period a thrilling moment. As a result of this, many of our students finds it very difficult to wave ‘Goodbye’ to friends, teachers and classmates at the end of every academic term.

If you or your children have not been to our school then you are missing out!!